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About Us

Blissful Bundles was founded in Delhi in 2020 as a Luxury Self-care and gifting box brand.  It aims to bring the self-care wellness goodies to help you with a rejuvenating experience in your lifestyle, which attributes your wellness. In its field, a popular brand name started as a self-love company by Upasana Jain due to her love for aesthetics and mysticism.

Upasana completed her English (Hons) graduation from the reputed Delhi University and simultaneously completed her Fashion styling and Image design degree from Pearl Institute. Her educational background completely equips her with a sense of aesthetics, romanticism, and conceptual thinking, coupled with a creative proclivity.

Passionately focused on the purity and efficacy of the formulation of each and every product that we provide to our clients.  We are so happy and excited to help you find your box of joy, which will be filled with the ingredients of happiness.  We aim to use natural and organic material, which is free from parabens and petrochemicals because we care for the good health of our customers.   Our focus is on curating products that make you feel good about yourself.

These are specially designed to inspire happier lives and provide you with joy boosting activities. Wellness items are meant to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

At Blissful bundles, we deliver happiness in a box. It is a box full of self-care and relaxation so that you can pamper yourself and rejuvenate your mind and soul for a quality lifestyle. The products are also specially curated for festivities and other occasions to meet your special needs.

We are very proud of our exceptional association with some of the notable brand names like Jimmy Cocktails, Plush, The Face Shop, The Tea Shelf, and SoulTree. Blissful Bundles is essentially happy to have served such wonderful names. We hope to add many more substantial names to the list every year and offer substantial happiness to the world.

Self-care gives you confidence and helps you reflect on your inner self. The products that we offer provide you with the optimal care that you need. It is always a wonderful idea to reflect on your inner self and remind yourself how special you are with the special gifts of happiness.

Glad to have you here Blissful Store

Glad to have you here Blissful Store
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